Thursday, May 18, 2006

My Dog Info.

Here is a pic of my beautiful, yet very furry dogs. They look a tad bit "scruffy" because they still have their winter coat on. That is another thing I have to add to my list - brush dogs!
Tara is the one on the left and Annie is on the right. I often get many comments on how much Tara looks like an oversized Shetland Sheepdog. I suppose she probably has a little bit in her, but their is no way of knowing. The father is just like her except darker hair color and a little bit more hair.
Annie is a purebred Australian Shepherd-Aussie for short-and I got her from a breeder close by. She is a classic Aussie, because she loves to herd, but not so much in her attitude. Aussies are to be reserved in meeting strangers, but not her; oh no. She is too friendly for her own good. Let's just say I call her a wigglebutt for a reason.
Well, no more recent puppy news. I suppose all I can do is wait until they decide to contact me.

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