Monday, October 01, 2007

I have a Lab!!!

I've heard puppy raisers talk about bad days with their pups and now I know what they mean. These aren't ordinary bad days, these are REALLY bad days. I Finally had my first major bad day with Cobra, which was really a weekend, but you get the point.
All weekend, he would bark when I told him "no bark", he would not come when I said"come" He even rebelled against sitting. Let's just say it was a frustrating weekend.
The only good thing that came out of it was that Cobra actually found his inner Lab. A few months ago, I took him to the beach and he did not want his feet to touch that water, he just flat out refused to go near it, so on this camping trip, we camped right next to a lake and I tried it again.
Wouldn't yah know, he acted like the water was his second life! I would throw toys and sticks in the water and he would bring it right back to me. Lucky for all of you, I have video proof!

I think his ears are going to fall right off if he shakes any harder.

I want the stick...It's mine!
When we went camping we also celebrated my niece, Jessica's, Birthday which is the girl on the right holding the leash. Everyone of my nieces love Cobra, Tara, and Annie and they always want to walk them around.

Great group shot of just 5 of my nieces (all ten were there that weekend)


Runza said...

WOW - 10 nieces! YAY Cobra for discovering the joys of water! Bad Cobra for not listening to your mother! *wink* YAY Cobra, Annie, and Tara for being such wonderful niece sitters.

Sarah, Indiana, Irie, and Josette said...

That video brings back so many memories! Major, my 2nd pup, didn't like the water until we found that Special Stick, then we couldn't get him out! Glad you had a fun trip! Sorry you had one of those bad days-they're not fun! Hopefully he gets over that stubbornness and becomes the Cobra you know and love :)

Kimberly & Rufus said...

Ohmygosh - 10 nieces?!
Cute video! Hope Cobra is done testing you now.