Friday, November 09, 2007

TSC and Cobra

Well I don't think I have to worry about taking Cobra to work any more.
My manager is absolutely crazy about him! He'll be standing by me and talking to Cobra and when Cobra does something silly like yawn or cock his head funny like, then he'll start talking to him again! It's really funny.
There's another kid there (17 actually) and he is really nice and funny. And he was awesome with Cobra too. He would be walking along and ask Cobra how he's doing. Everyone has really accepted him and he's only been there three times!

There was this one incident today where Cobra was absolutely terrified of this one lady. Like not just cautious, but actually terrified. He tried to go the other way and such when she went near him.
I don't know what it was about her. Thank goodness she was so understanding. She kept talking to Cobra and such, but I'm sure he didn't make a good impression. I'm just so confused on why he would act like that. It must have been a certain smell or something that he really did not like.
Other than that, he does pretty good. Late tonight, he was tired so he just curled up in a little ball and fell asleep while I tended to the customers or ran the cash register.
Yes overall Its very good. I'll have to take some pics here pretty soon, but I only wish I could post them *aarrgg!! Still hunting for the picture disk.


Megan & Sherman said...

Thats great that he is doing so great at work. Sorry about that lady, maybe it was a smell or something.

Lisa in waiting... said...

That's interesting about the lady. I wonder if it was a medication or something she was on that would give off a smell of some kind. I'm so happy for you that Cobra is doing so well and has made everyone fall in love with him so far! That's just fabulous! YAY! Go Cobra! I was bragging to Nutmeg about her big brother.

Kimberly & Rufus said...

That's awesome that Cobra is doing so well at work with you. I knew your coworkers would all fall in love with him.

We were taught during training to trust our dog's instincts, so if they reacted strongly negatively to someone, they probably had a good reason. Rufus has done this a handful of times, and he has always been right. Maybe there was something about the lady that Cobra picked up on, a medicine with a strange odor, a diabetic sugar episode, something like that, that he could tell and you couldn't. I wouldn't worry about it unless he starts acting afraid of lots of people. This was probably an isolated incident.