Friday, December 28, 2007

Just Another Day......

Yesterday, was filled with fun (and some not so). I got off work at 12 and went to do some errands. I made a trip to Menards and picked up some materials for my brothers remodeling business. Then I delivered them to the jobsite.
After that Cobra and I thought we would make a trip into the mall just to see if there were still some good Christmas deals going on. I did find this really cool shirt, but it wasn't on sale, so I decide to pass on buying it.
I waited for my mom to get off work (that day she was helping my brother remodel this one clients kitchen) so we could go to Target to see if we could find some Christmas deals and wrapping paper. We didn't find any wrapping paper, but we got some decorations that we'll use next year.
After that little excursion, my mom decide to go back home, so I called up a friend and asked if She wanted to go see a movie and possibly go out to eat somewhere.
While I was waiting for her to drive over to our meeting place, Cobra and I swung back into Menards to check if they had wrapping paper. No luck. Finding wrapping paper is like looking for gold around here.
Anyway, Cobra and I met up with my friend at Buffalo Wild Wings, its this new sports bar-type restaurant that just opened. As usual, it was busy, in fact there was a line and I could barely get Cobra inside the door, but surprisingly, I didn't have a manger come up to me and ask about him.
We picked a table by the door and I was soo impressed with Cobra. I knew he would eventually fall asleep, but this place was crowded so I knew it would take some time for him to get comfortable enough. But guess what!? He got comfortable and fell asleep immediately! I was impressed! I mean this place was busy! You had to yell across the table just to get your voice heard. The waiters all were soo impressed that he could just lay there so quietly. I, of course, was like, " yeah, he does this all the time" I'm sorry, but I love showing him off! Its so much fun, because most everyone elses dog's are misbehaving and not trained at all, so they think Cobra is just this awesome dog. He is but he has his moments (Don't they, puppy raisers?)
Back on track here, after we were done eating, I asked one of the waitresses if there was another exit because so many people were filing in that it was blocked, she said no, but then she went ahead of me and cleared a path and opened the doors. I said thank you and me and my friend both looked at each other, like, "wow!" I have never had that happen before. We got through in like 5 seconds when it probably would have taken like 2 minutes.
I know she probably thought I was blind or something, so that's why she did it,but oh my, I felt so special at that place! Ok, enough bragging, its just that I've never had it happen to me before. I got the VIP treatment!
Ok, I'm really back on track we went to Wal-mart and did some shopping and then went to National Treasure 2. I just loved that movie! I think the 2nd one was better than the 1st, but just barely! They are both awesome movies! Cobra, as usual, fell asleep and about the second half of the movie, his nose went into overdrive. He was sniffing like crazy! "no sniff" command was really getting on my nerves, because I had to say it over and over. He almost started sniffing the man's head seated in front of us, but I caught him just in time!
All in all the day was productive. Ah the joys of puppy raising..............


Emily, Maggie, Ellis, and Angel said...

Oh I miss the days of having an "old" puppy that is just really dialed in! Cobra sounds like he is doing so well!

Oh, and I got some paper on clearance at Jo-Ann's and also saw some at Hobby Lobby today, if you are still in the market.

Kasey and Blitz said...

Ah, so cool! That's awesome about the "VIP" treatment, lol! Oh, I LOVE National Treasure II too! I think it's better then the first. Haha, it's so much fun once your dog reaches that stage where everything clicks and they do well...Except for "Those" times.

Runza said...

OH no, he can't be that good - that means he's getting close to the time he has to go back. No Cobra - act up and and be silly so your mom has to write what a naughty puppy you were in your puppy reports and they'll want to keep you out longer! :)

Okay, not really, you're a very good puppy and I'm so happy you are such a wonderful puppy. Deb and Michelle will be fighting for such a well behaved pup who knows so much!

What a big day. YAY for being so good in the crowds.