Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pups and Social Dogs

So, this lady walks into Tractor Supply and she asks me where the manager is. I point her back to our service desk and I see her asking him something and then she walks back out. Wasn't sure what that was about, so I went on my merrily little way and starting organizing the shoes. As I hear someone come in the door, I just happen to glance over the shelves and saw her head, so I was a little confused. I stepped out from behind the shelf and do you know what I saw!?!?!

A Leader Dog, guide dog Puppy-in-training!!!!!!

Oh I was soo excited!! This little, black, male Lab was only 11 weeks! Oh my golly! and he was sooo pudgy and cute I just wanted to squeeze him! It has been so long since Cobra was that size.

You should have seen him waddle around the store! And he was soo mellow and calm, kind of like Cobra so that was one thing I was comparing them to.
Now I know there are debates and such of not taking your pup out in public at such an early stage, but regardless, he was so cute with his little bandanna that identifies him as a pup in training!
Anyway, that was my day today. I didn't have Cobra with me, but he had gone to work the past 3 days in a row and I thought I'd give him a chance to relax.
Because I usually have him with me, I now have customers asking me where my pup is? That's a really good feeling knowing that people actually remember and ask about him. :):):)

Oh my goodness! One more thing I almost forgot. I had a gentleman come in today and said that a lady from our Kennel Club told him to talk to me about our social dog program. So he was in today at work and we talked for a bit. He seems really interested. His daughter is autistic and he works for one of our local community school districts.
I also told him that we have a release dog program and he's interested in both. Maybe instead of having dual ownership with the school he can just have the dog as his and bring it into the school. I gave him a brochure and stuff and he said he'd make some calls down there.
He said he'd stop by later and tell me what he's decided, so we'll see. Who knows, I might have a local KSDS release dog or social dog in my community soon! That would be cool!
Too many Leader Dogs here ( sorry to those who raise them! :)


Runza said...

Oh, how cool Sarah. A PIT and a potential working/release dog! That's so cool! I'm so excited for you. YAY!!!!! I hope you hear more soon.

Runza said...

Let's see if I can explain it. A creche is the model or scene representing Jesus' birth. Essentially, your common Nativity scene. That's how I understand it at least. I might be a bit off though.

Kimberly & Rufus said...

Wow, lots of exciting dog news!

FarmGirl4Jesus said...

Woohoo! It's an update! And...an exciting one at that! :)