Monday, February 25, 2008

Saturday Adventures

Well, Its that time again..........need a new post I suppose. :)
Saturday was a very eventful day for Cobra and I. We went to work at 7 through 2 o' clock, then after work, we went to one of our towns local parks and we played a bit in the snow. He also made a friend there because there was a little westie that was off leash (I had Cobra on a 30' leash) and he comes running up to cobra and they start playing. I was looking all around for a person in the park or something because this little guy just showed up. he had a collar on but no tags. So I let them play for a bit and wait to see if someone shows up or if he's just on the loose. Sure enough, a lady comes running up the trail and she said that he caught sight of a squirrel and took off. Leave it to westies to do that! Anyway, we talked for a bit while they played some more and then we went on our merry ways.
After the park, I met my mom and 2 of my nieces at our local children's theatre to attend a play. It was Beauty and the Beast and I have to say, good thing that it was a dark theatre because I was laughing at some tender scenes. It was just sooo funny seeing kids and teens acting out drunk scenes and love scenes with such passion! They were good actors, but boy! It made me laugh. Cobra was a little squished, but he seemed alright. He's got this habit of making loud yawning noises whens he's bored and such and he did a few of those. And of course, leave it to him to do it during the quiet scenes, so a few times I had to smack him in the nose to make him stop. Thank goodness I didn't see too many heads turn!
Then we all met my dad at a local home improvement/landscaping show that they do every year at our local fairgrounds. We met several of our mowing customers also which was kind of depressing for me because it means that mowing season is going to start up soon (for those of you that don't know, our family [me and my parents that is] have a lawn care business and we have about 80 customers so we stay really really busy in the summer!) We walked around some more and I met up with a lady who has a granddaughter who is interested in puppy raising. We talked abit and she left with a KSDS brochure to give her granddaughter.
We got lots and lots of "oh! look a service/seeing eye dog!" Of course I never tell them that their wrong, but oh well! :) Its in training for one thing and it actually could be both! A guide dog or a service dog, but like I said, I usually let it go because they just say it as they walk by.
I got into a long conversation with a metal sign maker. We started out talking about NASCAR and as usual, got on the subject of Cobra. I swear we talked for half an hour! He was a really interesting guy though and he just loved cobra.
So far, that was Saturday. Sunday I worked almost 10 hours so I gave Cobra the day off from work and today I just wasn't in the mood to take him so I left him home (I know! shoot me now! Shame on me! But can't puppy raisers get a vacation too!?)
This Friday is going to be a blast though because my family is going to go skiing at Mt Kato in Mankato, MN! Ive been there twice and really enjoy it! No, sorry they do not make special assistance dog in training, skis. Although there might be a few times where it would be nice to have him help me up! Boy! wouldn't that be an excellent way to tire out a dog fast......let them follow you down a ski slope a few times, I bet they would sleep for a week! *writes that down in her idea book....;)*


Kimberly & Rufus said...

That's funny, we always hear "oh look a guide dog in training" LOL. Hubby and I joke together that the dogs never actually become working dogs, they are always in training.

Natalie said...

haha sounds like an awesome weekend!! have fun skiing!

FarmGirl4Jesus said...

Yay! :)
NOW, for that VIDEO!!!!!!!!

Lisa & Runza said...

I think the masses have spoken!

Lisa & Runza said...

Sounds like a WILD and CRAZY weekend for you and Cobra!

Laughing at kids acting. tsk tsk! :)
What good is children's theater if not for a laugh! :)

Emily and Suede said...

How long do you keep KSDS pups? He is... 22 months old right?