Tuesday, March 25, 2008

La La La Easter!!

Alright, so my family's Easter plans were quite lovely! Instead of going to our regular church, we went to my brothers church which was nice because I know more people there than I do at our church that we go to! Crazy I know, but I grew up in that town and we did all our Christmas plays at that Baptist church and I had my graduation reception there, and my brother even got married in that church, so yep I know that church quite well.

Anyway, we went to the 10:30 service and Cobra did a very nice "down and Under" under my legs. I met some school people and they asked me why I always have him with me and I got to tell ya, I got a little annoyed, because I know them, but at times, they can get on my nerves! Well, boys will be boys, I suppose......ah, anyways

And then we went to a fancy diner/buffet place. They usually don't have buffets, but on holidays, they make an exception, so the food was excellent! and Cobra made new friends with the waiters! This one waiter got down and started talking to him and after I told her his name, I heard her tell the kitchen staff about him and since we were seated kind of close to the kitchen, I could hear his name being said a few times! That was funny! He was a good boy and slept pretty much all through the meal.

We then went back to my brothers house and Jasmine (Tara's sister) and Cobra played a bit, while we all sat on the couches and tried not to move because we were all too full from lunch!

Easter was great and my nieces got to do an Easter egg hunt, which is always funny to watch :)

Hope everyone else's Easter was excellent too! To some, it will be the last holiday with their pup and to others it was the first, enjoy your pups, because we don't get them very long, maybe a year, or two if we're lucky.


Lisa & Runza said...

ah. that last paragraph made me tear up.

YAY for everyone loving Cobra!!

Kimberly & Rufus said...

Glad you had a good Easter! I love to hide eggs for egg hunts, so much fun. Give Cobra a hug for us.

FarmGirl4Jesus said...

Sarah, you know what we need???