Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Obedience Class/Conformation

So last night, was the first night that my kennel club had their annual spring obedience session that lasts for 8 weeks. Now for those of you that don't know, I was scheduled to have a Neopolitan Mastiff from my breeder by now, but the breeding didn't take back in November. I was going to take my pup to Conformation classes, but I don't have one now so I'm using Annie as a stand in so that I can still participate and learn the ropes, I guess:) I get to the building at about 7:15 to get Annie used to everything and calm down a bit and I ask a fellow member of the club when the conformation class starts and it turns out that it doesn't start until 8:30! Other years it has always been 7:30 -8:30 so I just naturally assumed but I guess I was wrong, so I hop on in the advanced obedience class just to give me something to do for an hour while I wait for 8:30 to come. I was going to meet some friends at Wal-mart and then head on over to the theatre to watch Semi-Pro.
Well, I can definitely tell that because of the winter season, I haven't been working her quite as well as I should and she was a bit rusty on her commands so I think what I'll do from now on is attend the advanced obedience class and then hop on over to the conformation class, that way Annie is a bit tired, but yet ready to listen.
The only thing that obedience doesn't help Annie with is her herding. Obedience teaches the dog to stay close, always look at you and read your body language (I always do regular obedience as if I'm in the ring, so Annie's head needs to be aligned to my left leg, its really hard and I noticed she was all over when I started), but with herding, obedience practice isn't necessarily a good thing to prepare for herding. So, when I attend herding classes in late March/early April, I hope she isn't screwed up too bad! :)
But in general it was a good night. I didn't take Cobra because he's still feeling under the weather, but maybe next week, I'll take Annie and Cobra, work them both, and then take some pics too!we'll see


Lisa & Runza said...

I could use a certain "snake" so scare away (eat) all those hamsters running around!!!!

Hope Cobra feels better soon.

Good luck Annie!!!!!

Miriam said...

Yay! Fun,fun,fun! :D