Friday, March 14, 2008

Possible Donations

Alright!! My manager got back late last night from the TSC convention and he said alot of people were interested in the KSDS handouts and there were a few that were just ecstatic apparently! He gave me a card of the coastal pet products people (they are a main supplier in basic dog supplies for a lot of stores like target, wal-mart, petco, petsmart, etc.....) and he said, that they said, to give them a call to talk about our annual Pupsdaze get together that we have for all the puppy raisers and he will make something happen! That sounds really exciting! so Monday morning, I'll be making a call to Judy, CEO of KSDS, and tell her all of this interesting and exciting news!
Side note, I'm getting alot more recognition in my town of 30,000 than I did when the article of Cobra and I, first came out in the local paper. Its soo funny how I'll be walking in the store and hear comments like "oh Mom, look! Its the dog from Tractor Supply!" or "Theres that seeing eye dog that she's training" Its really really nice too! I won't lie! In fact at work and even at some stores, if I don't have Cobra they automatically assume I turned him in already!
Its funny, but truth is, its getting closer and golly, I really don't want this month to end. The sooner it ends, the sooner April comes. :( I'm sure Tara and Annie will be happy to have Cobra the menace gone. LOL! They are all 3 so very crazy together and this last month I'll be taking a lot of pics for sure! In fact, Sunday, a friend of our family has cancer and we'll be going up to Minneapolis to attend his benefit and I'll take Cobra and get some pics of various things. A part of me doesn't really want to go because its going to be hard seeing him weak like know? Well I'll check back in a day or two, alright? with pics!

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Lisa & Runza said...

YAY for the good convention news! That's AWESOME!
WAY TO GO! All your sore fingers is paying off.

Kudos on being recognized.

Good luck this weekend!