Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last of the Cobra Portraits

Posing in front of Pammel Park, beautiful park close by to where I live.

He was quite interested in the rapids. He's never seen those before, but he did excellent!

I like this one!

I think he was posing sort of funny, but anyway, its a good shot none the less

Way too interested in those rapids to look at me!

Pretty puppy! He was probably interested in the squirrels that kept making noises.

Here He's on the swinging bridge and he did good! He was leary at first, but got over it and mind you, it was windy that day!


Anna and Lawrence said...

Aww, Cobra is so handsome! I'm sure you miss him lots, but you should be so proud!!

Michelle & Mitch said...

Best of luck to Cobra!! I am sure you are missing him now. :(

Lisa & Runza said...

He did great. Love the one of him with the stick coming out of his mouth (okay, not really coming out of his mouth, but I laughed!) I also like the one of him doing a go up on the railing. And the one of him on the bridge, and the one of him in front of the bridge, and the other one of him in front of the rapids. ha ha!

Me & my puppies said...

Wonderful photos to remember your time together. Thanks for shaing them.

We wish him well. ~ wags and licks ~ LW

Kimberly & Rufus said...

Great photos of Cobra. :-)

Emily and Suede said...

Great photos! I bet you miss him.

Jemma Brown said...

First off I would like to appologise i somehow missed your comment on my blog! I can't belive i did that!

Sure you can link to Diar of a monkey i will defo be uploading stuff as and when it happens (Hopefully soon i'm sooo broody for a guide dog!).

I am hoping to start a new blog specifically for me and the dog as a partnership where we both contribute entrys and stuff soill drop you a link when i do.

is it allright if i link to you too?