Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hi everyone!
I actually am writing this post, on my laptop, at the library with Cobra laying comfortably under my feet.

We just finished an exhausting day today. We had to work at TSC from 7-11, then we had to quick run over to the vet and drop off Tara for her shave down.
Then the fun began. We went and did two KSDS presentations today and boy! was it interesting!

It was 2 separate classes of first graders and 2 of my nieces were in each one.
I thought for sure I could get it done in 15 min, MAX! Do you know how long it took?!?! Each class was 35 min!!! Oh my goodness! Now for those of you that don't know, these are my first presentations that I've done and the nerves were present all morning. But after I started in on the first one, I was fine........hang on.........a dad and his son are coming over to pet Cobra...........

Alright, I talked to them about Cobra and all. Goodness! I sure will miss all this attention I get with him :) NOT!! ha ha!

Alright, back to the story. So we finished the presentations, and I was talking to one teacher about the Social dog program, because the school has a special needs class and thought that a social dog, could really help that. She said she would pass this info on to the guidance counselors.

Yep that was our day so far, and then, I had my camera with me (Sorry, but I couldn't really take pics of the presentation because the lighting was all wrong, but one teacher had a camera and she said she would get them to me) so I went to this beautiful park and had some more portraits taken. I got some pretty good ones! There's a swinging bridge, which I'll be happy to report, Cobra did just fine on :) and rapids right below it. With woods surrounding it all. It was quite picturesque.

So I got some good ones, and will upload them either tonight or tomorrow. I'll also have to take pics of Tara. She's going to look so silly!!

That's it for now...........


Lisa & Runza said...

Oh, so good to hear Cobra was such a good boy. And, YES you will miss all the attention you get with Cobra. You only THINK you won't! *grin*

10 days??? Oh my, that's too soon. How about I sneak Cobra home with me, he's less than 20# right?

Kimberly & Rufus said...

good job on those presentations. I always get nervous too. Can't wait to see the photos you took today.