Friday, May 23, 2008

I'd Like a Cup of Stress With Confussion On The Side, Please

Boxes are packed, furniture is by the door waiting to be loaded unto our trailer, all the piddly stuff is kind of packed, I'm still working on that.

I'm going out now to load up all the agility equipment and then pack some more dog stuff. The dogs have more stuff than I do!! How is that possible?!

I was going to wash Tara and Annie before I went down there, but it's too cold out and I wouldn't have enough time. They'll just have to be stinky for a day or two until I wash them.
For those of you that don't know this, Tara and Annie are outside dogs. They have always been and the only time they have been inside was for traveling, camping, getting a motel and agility/dog related competitions. So, I will be converting them into house dogs and I don't think it will take too long. For one thing, they are crate trained and second, They have been inside houses and such before, so I think they would quickly learn that a carpet is not grass.

The past few days have been crazy!!!!
I had to go to the dentist one last time and then found out I had two small cavities, so yesterday they squeezed me in and I got that done.
Then for the past week, I've been going back to the place where I bought my SUV, because I bought the car on terms that they would fix the few things that they didn't get around to yet (someone had just traded it in a week before I got it) So, I just got back an hour ago from there so they could fix up the brakes and get new pads, and shocks.

OH and then my parents have a lawn care business and because it's been soo nice, the grass has taken off! This weekend Is a holiday weekend and everyone wants their yard nice, so mowing has gone into overdrive to get it all done so that they can leave for three days.

And there's plenty more stress where that came from. Like the little details that are involved with a big move and fees and registrations, and AAHHH!!!!

Yeah, really really stressed. Some of you had tried to call/write me (you know who you are) and there was just no way I could get to it. Not even for a second. Right now I need to be outside and getting everything in order.

oh my oh my oh my


Lisa & Runza said...

OH, poor Sarah, so much to do - so little time. It's a lotta work, but enjoy all your new freedom. :) And congrats on the new job.

Erin & Midnight said...

OH my oh my ohmy ohmy ohmyOHMY OHMY!!

oh mY!