Sunday, June 15, 2008

He Is Here!!

I had the most interesting morning today.

I got up around 6:30 to get ready to head out at 7:30. I loaded up all the dogs and everything, and set off the bug bombs (the spiders are HORRIBLE here!!) and got in my car. that's where the fun begins.............

I tried to start my car, but it wouldn't. I then went to each neighbor on both sodes of me, but no one answered their door. I then called my boss to get the number of next door's mom (she works at KSDS and her son and daughter-in-law are my neighbors) so she could call them and see if they are awake.

Then I wait......and wait.......and wait......turns out, my one neighbor was in the shower the first time and he then came out to help me. He works at a car parts place or something like that and was able to get tester equipment to test the battery and a few others things.

To make a long story short, the battery is fine, but my fuel pump is about shot meaning that If i were to get the car started, I need to leave it on otherwise, starting it will be awefully difficult.

I was taking a mighty big gamble driving 2 hours away on "if's" and "maybe's" but my Greyhound was waiting and I take daring chances all the time, so off I went.

I thought I was going to be late, but turns out, I was just on time!

Exposed's family was excellent! They made sure to tell me every detail they could remember and they made me feel welcome about calling them anytime (which i did a few hours ago to ask something)

Tara wasn't too shaken, but Annie, my Aussie, was not impressed! Here I thought it would be the other way around! Funny how things work out.

When we got home, it was way better! Tara, Annie, and Sammy (renaming him. It suits him a bit better than Exposed) all reintroduced each other and it has been good ever since.

True this is the first night for Sammy, but I think he will fit in just fine!

Once I get my camera registered on this computer, I will take pics!

Take care!

Tara, Annie, and Sammy


Lisa & Runza said...

Glad you had a safe travel - hope you get your new car fixed soon and it isn't too expensive. Glad Sammy is settling in well. Can't wait to see him again! :)

Kimberly & Rufus said...

I hope you get the car problem fixed soon. Glad Sammy, Tara, & Annie are getting used to each other.

Emily and Suede said...

Yay! That is so exciting he is there! Sammy is a cute name, by the way. Can't wait to see some pictures!

Michelle & Mitch said...

Welcome home Sammy!!!

Hope you get your car fixed soon!! :)

Natalie said...

woohoo! I like the name Sammy more than Exposed too :) Can't wait to see pictures!

The Puppy Raising Roller Coaster said...

YEY! Im glad they all seem to be settling in with each other. Sammy is an adorable name. Good luck with the car. That sucks!

Brittany said...

Cars choose the best time to act up don't they?

Sammy is a really great name! I can't wait to see some more pictures of him. Hopefully he adjusts well to your home and doggy family.