Saturday, October 11, 2008

Album Weekend

So I have dedicated all weekend to finishing up Cobra's photo album to give to his partner. I've had half of it done for some time, but just kind of put it off and haven't looked at it for awhile. I love to procrastinate! But anyways, it will get done this weekend by George!

Today my house is being worked on and will hopefully have everything fixed by the time my parents come in two weeks. It's been a long ordeal and will be very happy when all of the initial problems are fixed and running.

Also, I will be putting up a fence in two weeks so that all my doggies will have a safe place to play in and I won't have to worry about Tara taking off chasing squirrels, or Annie playing in the road (I swear she has lost some common sense brain cells since moving here ;) And that way I can let all four dogs out and tire them out so as not to rough house in the house!

Okay, procrastinated enough by writing this post (see! I just love to procrastinate)
What time is it? Album time!! Talk later!


Lisa and Ellie said...

YAY for Cobra meeting his partner Monday! How neat to be able to witness that! So jealous! :)

Natalie said...

Good luck with the album!!

Madison and Andros said...

Good luck with the Album!

Kimberly and Rufus said...

Any news on Cobra? Hope you got the album done :-)

Madison and Andros said...

Yes CCI and Ikea are the same but I didn't notice until I got home and uploaded the picture!!! :)