Friday, February 20, 2009


Oh my goodness! Time can so easily get away from you, can't it? I have been busy doing all sorts of things and when I get a moment to rest, well, I read a book or watch a movie. The book series that I'm finishing up now is that Twilight saga. I'm on the fourth and final book, Breaking Dawn. I was semi-impressed with the movie and thought I'd give the books a shot. Well gosh dang it! Now I'm hooked! I read the first book in one night! Well, actually I started reading it at 8 p.m. and finished around 4 a.m. yeah, see what I mean?! very addictive.

This past weekend was the big painting fiasco. I got only three rooms done, but there was a lot of fixing and prepping to do before hand. I'll need to upload pictures after I get it all put back together and clean :)

Bedroom: Periwinkle
Livingroom/Diningroom: Tan wall with a blue accent wall
Kitchen: Mocha/chocolate

I'm really excited to have most of it done and the colors turned out so awesome!
I need to paint 3 other rooms, but I think I'll wait abit:)

Well for the IWYPRSD, I had one on, but it's funny because I always am wearing one because I work there! ha ha, but I picked a more appropriate puppy raiser shirt than a basic KSDS one. It's yellow and on the front it says "Puppy Love....." and on the back "....From Our Heart To Yours" I've seen some pretty interesting shirts and things that others had one, so that was nice.

Nothing else major to report, other than the usual "dogs are doing fine" comment.
JD is settling in quite well and is such a silly-butt!:) I'm just antsy for warmer weather to get here so that I can get to practicing for our upcoming Agility season.


Madison and Andros said...

Nice to hear from you! It's been a while!

Kimberly and Rufus said...

It sounds like all is busy and well with your world. :-)

4 Wheeling Princess said...

i got that shirt but didn't wear it. I wore the one I wore at graduation

Hobbes Dogs said...

I'm late, but thanks for participating in IWYPRS Day!