Friday, July 03, 2009

It Was an Accident, Really It Was!

Alright guys, alot has gone on and there's alot of it that I just don't have pics for because mine finally bit the dust. More like I made it bite the dust because I slammed it in the car door :( Oh well it was time for it to go, so I bought a cheap one until I can afford a really nice one.
It was an accident, It's not like I strategically placed it in the seal of the door where the door and floor comes together :)

So this upcoming weekends activities i will have pics for! *crowds claps and cheers* But the other events, such as moving, going out*crowd aw's*

Have no fear, when I have more time I will update more! Time is a little short because of moving back into my parents house, starting my job next week, trying to talk to Realtors about houses, trying to find a house, changing things into my new address....list goes on and on, but you don't want to hear all that. Just trust me when I say that I have only a little bit of precious time that is used on the dogs and cats and then I'm back in the money world.

Well, got to get up early tomorrow, but if i get my camera set up, maybe i can post about a few things! Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Take care!
Sarah and the gang


Lisa and Ellie said...

HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!

Kimberly and Rufus said...

Just catch your breath and get settled in, then you can get caught up on posts. :-)

Emily and the Labradors said...

Bummer about the camera... I dropped mine and killed it! So it is now on its way to the company for hopeful repairs and I had to borrow my mom's camera!