Thursday, August 06, 2009

Some Days

Don't you all have a day (or two) where you just say to yourself, "What just happened?"

Well I had one of those days yesterday and it wasn't too extreme, but it caught me off guard big time.

Most people are so in awe and usually want to know more about puppy raising and Assistance dogs and kids are just so great! They want to pet them and talk to them and ask reasonable questions. Once they find out that it is a "helper dog" they seem to realize that this one is more special than their pet at home.

Well, that was soo not the case when this 11 year old girl came into work with her mom.

It took her awhile to notice that there was a dog, but once she did, the bratty, snotty remarks came. She didn't ask, she practically demanded to know why there was a dog there, that dogs were to be outside and not in the store, and that I was being mean by not letting people pet him. Are you keeping in mind that she's 11? I calmly (because in all reality, I was coming close to flipping that child over and giving her several hard beatings!) told her why he was there, blah, blah blah and she continued (It took all my nerve! I'm telling ya) on saying that the dog needs water and food and then off subject asking how they train the dogs to see for the person. It would have been a good, logical question but not coming from this brat! her hands were on her hips (I found it very hard to look at her, so not sure what she was doing. Like I said, it took alot of self-control) and had that annoying high school voice, I'm sure you know which one I'm referring to :)
So this all went on for a few minutes as I'm trying to tell her how and why I do things when out of the blue she almost runs over to try and pet Doniphan! Oh that did it for me!! I told her very outright, no, told Doni to mind his business (which he did very well) and said that if this was a fully trained dog, you would be going to jail right now. Now her mother had left the area and was outside so I could do what I wanted since she didn't obviously care. I told her that if she touches him again, I will call the police, have them take you to jail where you will stay until I decide to have them let you out. she thought I was joking, go figure, so she tried to pet him again. I slapped that hand so hard I thought I might have snapped it off and then went to the phone, dialed (held down the button and did it so she wouldn't know I was faking) and started to talk with an "officer". Boy she ran out of there with a look on her face that was truly priceless.
Now hopefully I won't be hearing from any child services or police anytime soon, but children like that need to be taught! I'm starting to get worked up about it again just typing it!! She made me truly mad, now I shouldn't have let a small girl get on my nerves, but like I said, If there parents aren't going to teach them, then I'll help them :)

So that was an overall interesting experience for the books and hope I never run into that again, because I may get a call :)


Lisa and Ellie said...

I can TOTALLY sympathize. Only wish I had the guts to slap the hand!

Erin and the Furry Troops said...

*claps* Go Sarah!! That's all I can say!! ha ha ha
Hopefully nothing will come of it, and she will learn not to be so pushy!

L^2 said...

Haha... Go Sarah!!

I know exactly the kind of kid you're talking about, except the one I've had to deal with was only about 5 years old. I've encountered him twice over the last few months when I've gone grocery shopping. Thankfully the last time his Mom finally found him and basically told him to shut up and leave me alone.

Kimberly and Rufus said...

I've dealt with people like that, unfortunately. I only wish I could actually follow through and smack their hands after they know not to mess with the dog. That whole "it takes a village" thing applies to teaching boundaries, too. :-)

4 Wheeling Princess said...
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The Brax Blog said...

Go Sarah!
I hate it when that happens

Becky said...

Agree -- it is so frustrating when people any age aren't respectful of basic boundaries.