Monday, September 21, 2009

Train Ride Adventure

Firsts are always fun and Doni had a first.....his first train ride! Sure it was a local scenic railway line, but it was fun and it got him to experience the movements, smells, and noises. There weren't alot of people on the train, but enough to keep some conversations going about Doni and KSDS. The interesting thing about the whole ride was that another puppy raiser from KSDS volunteers for these historic rails and she brought her dog all the time, so that was nice that my way was already paved for acceptance and all, that was a plus.

The whole ride was about 1.5 hours and we got to see some valleys and of course corn fields, hey it was in Iowa :)

A down and under waiting for the train to start

Doni and I, some of my nieces and my brother and sister-in-law were in the enclosed car while my parents were in the scenic valley car, seen through the doors in the pic above. all you had were two benches and a 4 foot fence to keep you in the car, otherwise it was all open. That car was sooo rickety though that I would probably get ill never mind Doni.
They allowed people to walk through the different cars, so we did walk onto that one for a few minutes and Doni did great! We also went through 3 other cars and one car was really full towards the front. We got alot of "ooh! its a service dog!"
He did excellent with the movements, I was falling over a few times, but he just stood there and looked at me like "hello! get your act together, it isn't that hard " I was pleased that he accepted everything in stride :)

Posing in our car, with minimal people :)

forgot to take the flash off of the camera so his jacket is REALLY bright.

Here is the open car. Keep in mind we were moving while I was taking the picture and he's just as serene as possible.

There he is posing with the train. We were in the last green car there and there is a flat car between the yellow and the green that's the open car we were on.


Kimberly and Rufus said...

I love trains! Glad Doni accepted everything so well. Looks like riding the rails agrees with him.

The Brax Blog said...

Great pictures, looks like he had fun!!