Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yes, I call him Vance-a-loo, ha ha I think it fits :)
He hasn't been out and about as often as I would like because of other events but we are all ready to explore the world
Before his rabies shot (KSDS puppy raisers only get their cape after they show that the pup has had its rabies shot) he did alot of visiting at work and at Adam's parents house. They have a shitz-zu female named Panzer (named after the Panzer German tank. Also very fitting since Vance is named after a military base!) and Panzer is such a tease to poor Vance. At times she wants nothing to do with him and then other times, she wants him to chase her, its the funniest thing!!

Here is one of the rare pics of Vance holding still, that dog is like a black blur of movement! All you see is legs and a blurry body and that's it. He can definitely keep up with the other big dogs.

His obedience is coming along, sometimes I wonder if he'll ever get it but we all think that at first don't we? Heeling is still a mystery to him.
Vance: "but why? don't you know there are things to smell and look at over here and there and on the other side of you and behind you and in front of you and...."
The list goes on, lol!

He sits and waits for his food wonderfully but eating it is another story. I swear that dogs sucks up att eh oxygen from my house to 3 miles down the road!! He gulps his food up so fast and inhales that he can't barely walk for a few minutes! I have resorted to hand feeding for awhile until he can somewhat get the idea that gulping up his food like that is not good. Think he'll learn? I doubt it, he's a Lab :)

He doesn't like to kennel. he stops, looks at it, and runs in opposite direction! It's lots of "Here Vance! Look at this treat I have here!! He's getting a bit better, but all in time, all in time...

Now that he has his cape and is all official, we will be making more trips to discover this "New world" We made the trip to Target today, but do you think I remembered his cape?....I'm a little out of practice I guess, just plain ol' forgot it. Next time we will be ready!! Vance, heel!! .....Vance: "la la la la oh look flower over there! bug! did you see that bug behind you?! AAHH!!! DOGS!! Let's play!!"

Yeah....I have my work cut out for me

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Kimberly and Rufus said...

Can you put a can in his bowl so he has to eat around it? That might slow him down? Some suggest putting a Kong in, but lots of dogs just pick it up and drop it on the floor, out of their way, then gobble their food.

You'll get his skills where they need to be, you have lots of time yet.