Tuesday, September 14, 2010

LA County Fair

I could just shoot myself for forgetting my camera AGAIN during a major activity Vance and I attended.

This past Saturday, Adam and I along with Vance and Adam's parents, attended the LA county fair.
Now I grew up in Iowa, I'm used to the agricultural side of things and at this fair, there was minimal of that. Get this! They had the "agricultural" stuff set up as a learning center! lol, they had signs explaining what cows, pigs, chickens, goats, etc...were to the kids. That was a new one for me and I won't be able to forget that, not for awhile.
Vance loved the animals though and the best part about visiting the different farm animals were that most of them liked to follow Vance alongside the fence. It was cute! Here was a herd of goats at one end and once they saw Vance they came a running! Everyone around got a kick out of it. We even had people come up later say "hey! you're the dog that the goats followed!" Vance, as usual, could care less about the animals. The small time we were up in Iowa (before moving to Arizona when he was a couple months old) he got to experience chickens, at least, at my parents farm and left them alone. To be honest, They may have scared them, that's why he didn't get close :)

Another thing, that I didn't think about was at most Midwest fairs, its on grass. Well here it was all cement and a hot day. I was really worried that Vance's feet would not be able to handle too much of the fair until I realized that a good chunk of the exhibits, vendors, etc... were inside, in air-conditioned buildings. So the only thing to worry about was walking to and from a building out on the hot asphalt.

There were alot of people there and I wasn't sure how he would act having so many people around in such a close area, so he wore his Halti all day. We also are still working on when people pet him (he gets super excited, Halti helps him) and since I wouldn't know when that would happen through out the day, on went the Halti.
I have noticed that his obedience is more lax in the Halti than out, so we will need to work on that :)

We went into this exhibit with animatronic dinosaurs complete with sounds, environment, and even smells! (I think) Vance didn't even realize they were moving! I was all excited and using a happy voice, just in case he got scared, but he could care less. These even had moving eyes, I know some dogs freak out about that, but I guess that wasn't one of Vance's areas.

When we went through the vendor buildings, we tried to walk somewhat fast and in the middle, so they didn't "catch us" into buying something. A few people had wanted to know about Vance so I told them, right after I finished my speech, they went right ahead with theirs. So They used Vance to lure me into their products, clever I might say, but at the same time, I had to say minimal stuff so I wouldn't get drawn in. There were 2 or 3 people who truly were interested and after giving them info, they said they would look into it. Not a complete loss I guess! lol

Vance had to skip on the rides though, somehow I could picture him falling out of the Ferris Wheel and...yeah shutter to think, so we won't.

After the fair, we went out to eat with a few more family members to join us and as usual, Vance did perfect. Although he was so tired after the fair, he dropped and didn't move a muscle till we got up and left. We got the typical stare's and sayings of "I didn't know there was a dogs in here!"

We got back home late and I had put all of the other dogs in crates while we were gone and two of them had Diarrhea bad, so we gave them medicine and cleaned them up. The next day the two others had it so it was a bug they were all giving each other.
Today they are over it and the they need baths, but the only thing is I'm sick...and I don't feel like it so it might be tomorrow or the next day :)
Vance hasn't caught it yet, but I bet he will, sick dogs are no fun :(

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