Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend

Our Thanksgiving weekend was a bit quiet for Adam and I. His parents decided to go camping out by the Death Valley area with two other brothers and their girlfriends. We really needed to pinch our pennies so we opted not to go.
Adam had Friday off so our weekend started right after his parents left at 5 p.m.

What did we do? Absolutely nothing! I had been thinking about cooking a dinner but with stores being busy the day before Thanksgiving and then some being closed on the big day, I decided we would just go out and eat.

We went to Golden Corral to eat. I haven't eaten at that place in years and wanted to reminisce.
I had every intention of taking Vance, but that day he was being a bit testy and to be honest, I just didn't want to take him. Do any of you have those days? I'm sure you do, but I always feel bad going to a place that would be a good experience for him, but dont take him cause I'm not up for it. If I'm not up for it, how can I make sure he has the best experience possible?

Beside the dinner, what did we do all weekend? Absolutely nothing and I loved it! Adam works more than 40 hours a week and some Saturdays, so our time together is a bit more limited than I would like. The weekend we spent together watching movies, going on walks and just spending good, quality, newlywed time together :)

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Kimberly and Abby said...

Quiet weekends are always good to relax and rejuvenate.