Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Long Story Short....

.....Vance and I are headed to Iowa on Wednesday!

I didn't post about it because I didn't really think I could go (price, time, to see if Adam could get time off, etc) but after watching airline ticket prices closely, We are able to go for a whole week!

Regrettably it will only be Vance and I. Adam cannot take that much time off work and we need to watch our pennies, so two tickets are out of the question.

Last time we trekked back to the Midwest, I forgot my camera so I will be sure to have it with me, even if I have to tie it around my neck! Besides, Vance only experienced snow when he was real little and then we moved out here to the desert, so I am curious to see his reaction to snow as an adult. I am only able to take the little Kodak camera and not the nice big one because with just me going, I don't want to be bogged down with stuff while trying to maneuver an airport with Vance. I'll admit, it sure is nice having a husband haul all the luggage for you, I knew there was a reason I married him! lol

I might be able to post while up there, but I'll be mainly updating on Facebook so check on my page or add me if you aren't my friend already :)

Have a good day and now I'm off to unpack all my winter clothes. I have a feeling I'm going to need them


Ruby's Raiser said...

Have a safe flight and enjoy your trip! He is going to go snow-crazy, take lots of pix and have fun! :)

L^2 said...

Haha... yes, you'll definitely need the winter clothes. Hope you two have a good trip!

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

Hope you & Vance have a GREAT time - and a safe flight :)

Rudy's Raiser

Kimberly and Abby said...

Have a safe and fun trip!