Saturday, March 31, 2012

Here We Go!

Alright, Now I will attempt to fill in all that has happened since last August.

We have moved to just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. We rent a wonderful house almost out in the middle of nowhere on an acre. We have a vacation house meaning the only rooms that are actually enclosed are the closets and bathrooms. Everything else, like upstairs is a loft. Our room and the spare room/computer room is sort of connected yet separated enough for guests.
We have all hardwood floors and it is a good quality floor so you see no nail marks (thank goodness!) and easy to clean up messes too!

Adam has a job, at a local dealership. He is a service advisor for their service department. This is his third position in that field, so he pretty much knows what he's doing :)

I am working at a shelter for shelters, so to speak. What that means is I work at a shelter that doesn't take in stray or abandoned dogs or cats, but helps out other shelters whose animals are being euthanized for space.
We never have any more animals that we can handle because we also have a behavior dept. (which I am part of) to work with these animals to help with issues they may have that caused them to be at a shelter so long.
The name of the shelter is Second Chance Center for Animals and it really is a second chance for most :)

Most of you know, Vance was with Lisa. We had to move and trying to time it all out to move and then find money and time to return a few weeks later (or so we thought) was just too much. Lisa agreed to take him and turn him in for me. Little did we know, He stayed with her for six months! If I would have known, I wouldn't have needed to worry about it. Yet I am still glad. Vance got so many adventures, training, and exposures that I wouldn't have been able to do, so he probably turned out better in the end. :)

He is at KSDS and we are awaiting his test results to see if he passed. I so hope he does, as I am sure Lisa is equally excited.

Our four-legged animals have changed too.

Annie, my Aussie, decided she wanted to be a farm dog and stay with my parents. They always wanted her and she just loves the farm life so she made her choice and I see she is pretty happy.

Parker our cat also made that choice. He is such a great cat, but hated the inside life as I took him from the farm in the first place. He is happy and well and him and Annie play all the time (yes, it is pretty funny)

Can't remember if I said anything about Hermes, but I tell him story again.

I wanted another Greyhound for Sammy. All the other dogs were active and I was always training them, while Sammy just lounged. I wanted a buddy for him with he same temperament.
 I found Hermes. Hermes was almost exactly like Sammy. It was perfect!.
Sadly, Sammy and Hermes never met as I adopted him in Iowa and Sammy was in Arizona with Adam.
After Sammy's bone cancer had gotten so bad we had to put him down, Hermes was a good friend to us to deal with that. We sometimes slip up and call him Sammy but he thinks it's fine and still comes.
We miss Sammy but Hermes is a wonderful Greyhound.

Alright, almost done. Ready for the BIG NEWS?
We are pregnant! I am almost 9 weeks along and boy has it been tough! Morning sickness 24/7! I have it now, as I'm writing. It is always there, always lingering and I just feel like throwing up all the time! I so hope it ends soon. If not, I know there are morning sickness drugs that can be prescribed by the doctor that I might have to take. I can only take so much of this, but here's to hoping it ends soon.

I think that sums it up! Even though I don't have a current PIT (and am debating if I should) I still want to keep this blog up with news on us, our own pups, and any and all changes.

Thanks for reading the long posts!


Lisa, Ellie and Clara said...

WOW, you have a lot going on! Congrats on baby Williams.

Erin T said...

So you're down to... three dogs now? wow! Want to see pics of Hermes! :)

Kimberly and Abby said...

You sure have had a lot of changes in a short time. Congrats on your pregnancy!!