Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet Hermes!!!

I briefly talked about Hermes months ago because we have actually had him a year now, but during our move and trying to update everything, he never really got a least I don't think so. If he did, oh well :) He's a special boy and gets another one.

A week after he was adopted, June 2011

Hermes (whose name was originally Road Rage) came from an Iowa Greyhound rescue group (where I adopted Sammy from who passed in August 2011) and had stayed with them for awhile. He was small dog safe, cat safe even kid safe but no one really looked at him, from what his foster mom said. I saw him on the website and was interested and after talking with his foster, I went to meet him. He was awesome! I adopted him that very day and the rest is really history. The sad part is he never got to meet Sammy, for whom I adopted him to be with. I had all the crazy, on the go Labs and Shepherds that needed contant activity and Sammy was very mellow and would just lay around. I thought another Grey would get him out of his shell. Sadly, the bone cancer had other ideas for Sammy.

Hermes and Anubis are my two Greys now and even though Anubis is still coming out of his shell, they get along great.

Yep, how most Greys seem to lay :)

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Erin and Co. said...

And Collies lay like that too! Which make sense cause they are related and everything...!! hahaha

(aka people ask me all the time if David is a greyhound mix)