Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where Do Weekends Go?

52 of them in a year is not enough! It seems that at the beginning of the week, you look forward to the next! Yet something changes plans or in my case, you get sick :(
Let me tell ya, trying to get better and keeping a 3 month old healthy is very tricky. My problem Is I keep running a fever, then it breaks, and then I get another one!
I am hoping that by tomorrow, I will feel better. If not, Adam might have to stay home tomorrow so I can get rid of this thing! So yeah, my weekend was wasted being sick, hate that!

On a brighter note, Ava got her new Bumbo this week! Not a big deal, but she loves it so much! She is so happy sitting in it. We also got the tray to use a month or two down the road with it.

PUPPY RAISING UPDATE: none really, I just wanted to put this up on here. I have received no contact from our coordinator, so someday I might call her, but don't want to rush things. If its meant to happen right now, it will. If its not, then there was a reason. Staying positive is hard but everything in good timing :)

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