Thursday, May 16, 2013

He's Here! ...Sort Of

Can you guess what I mean? If you guessed a puppy than you are....CORRECT! Interesting part is I haven't even met him yet. Since April 14th, I have been up in Iowa visiting my family and friends. I didn't want to have a puppy with me during my trip up to the Midwest (could have picked it up on my way) since I would be all over the place, visiting and whatnot. Trying to potty train and socialize a puppy while I'm visiting here or spending the night over there, could be very hectic.

So Lisa (Merlot and Clara) so graciously allowed him into her home for the month :)

OH! I almost forgot! HIS NAME!
As stated before, he was born on Valentines Day so the theme is obvious.


isn't that awesome! And so very typical of a Lab. Yes, I have a Lab and he is black. He makes number four...ALL BLACK MALES! lol! :)
Next week I will be picking him and and can't wait to see him! I've had prolonged excitement far too long!


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4 Wheeling Princess said...

he's adorable! cant wait to see & read about your adventures with a puppy AND a baby!