Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun For Mr. Romeo!

    Last Tuesday, Romeo and I ran errands. In the morning, I had a Babywearing play date. For those of you who aren't quite sure what that is, it's a term used for wearing your baby. There are wraps, carriers, and slings you can use to keep baby close to you and have your hands free. Some use it for medical reasons others for fussiness, but mostly just to have your baby close and be able to carry them without having to stop what your doing.
I took Romeo along and tethered him to Ava's stroller. He did awesome! There were kids running all around and several came up to pet him. Without doing the normal puppy behavior of trying to jump on them and paw and mouth on them, Romeo sat still and let them pet him while he licked their hands. AMAZING! I was even impressed! I was preparing for the worst, but he proved me wrong.

Such a good boy! She wasn't really pulling his ears, just feeling them :)

Ava and I received support on how to really use our ring sling (Thanks you, Brittany!) We had issues, but I think we have it under control.
I also took home an Ergo carrier to try and I'm still working on how to properly use that. Not sure I like where the straps go, but that's a different story:)

After our playdate, Romeo and I did a few errands  and then I had an appointment to meet a local lady who wants to sell some of her Agility equipment. Since I had to leave my full course when we moved initially, I have been looking at building/buying it all back.
She mentioned she had 5 dogs and Romeo could play with them if he wanted. There were two miniature poodles, one small terrier mix, a cocker spaniel, and a 6 month old cavalier puppy.
Three of the dogs were elderly and let Romeo know his place (He assumed since they were smaller than him, he can play all he wants with them, WRONG! He found out the hard way) The baby cavalier was a screamer...oh joy. So if Romeo played with him and barely touched him he screamed. The only one that was up  for a game of fun (and teaching) was the terrier mix.
 I am going to purchase her teeter next week for sure and am thinking on a set of weaves. Weaves are easy and simple for me to make so I'm not sure on that yet.

After all that, it was vaccination time! Romeo took it all like a champ and didn't even know the vet was sticking needles in him. It might have been something to do with the fact that the tech just loved on him :)

Then it was time for some fun again! Romeo met up with Coleman, a CCI release dog. He belongs to one of my former co-workers and it was her first time puppy raising, but she's not sure if she wants to do it again. He was released for temperament, he just couldn't focus enough I guess. She told me when they were out training, he took off and jumped in a pond, silly boy!
Romea played tug with him a lot and he just stood there! Too funny!

To end the day, One of Adam's co-workers has a black Lab, male and they met for the first time when I stopped by. His name is Towns and he is such a stocky Lab! I love stocky Labs :) He is only a few weeks younger than Romeo so many playdates ahead!

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Good job Romeo! He's absolutely adorable!