Wednesday, July 10, 2013

To The Doctor We Go

Don't worry, it wasnt for Romeo. It was actually for Miss Ava.

There is one thing I must confess....I have never taken a pup to an appointment of any sorts (doctor, dentist, any medical, etc..) I just feel like I wouldn't be able to control their actions as well. If I'm getting my teeth cleaned, and he breaks a down-stay, now what? Try to say "dwwaarrrn" and then "ssshhhhttteeyy" while the dentist plucks food from those pearly whites?

I did confess that, but this appointment was only for Ava where I can make sure both are good (and controlled).
There was one point, where I'm telling Romeo to leave-it or down, and then Ava picked up this, but then Romeo moved, etc... It was funny, but after five minutes, it settled down.

*Sidenote: Ava received a clean bill of health with absolutely no issues or concerns :)

Romeo laying at the side of the exam table. Ava on top of table, grasping her toes.

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