Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Doing Good

I know I haven't written in a while, but Cobra is proving to be a hand full. I can no longer carry him because he weighs 29 Ilbs, and that feels like a hundred when you have to carry him into a store. He is getting big too; around 19'' at the withers.
One thing he can't resist are the cats. We have some tame cats along with some wild ones, and when they run, he wants to run after and play with them. Although a few of them have boxed him on the nose a couple times.
As far a training goes, he is just great. Potty training is just about complete with maybe one accident a week, if any. Other commands like sit, wait, and leave it are pretty much set in stone. We are still working on stay, heel and get it, but everything is still good.

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Erynn & Jake said...

how cute!!
I am raising a 51/2 month old golden retriever puppy named jake for Guide Dog Foundation for the blind, good luck with cobra