Monday, March 05, 2007


I'm so sorry everyone! I have just been busy out of my mind with school and especially with Cobra. He is coming along normal like. well, I think anyway. I think KSDS should have named him sniffers, because that's all he does. sniff, sniff, sniff. He is now coming to school with me around once a week so he gets into a good office type situation with that. We have had two snow storms in a row and because of that, we really haven't gone any where for a couple of weeks, although in 3 weeks he will be going down to KSDS while I go on my senior trip to Florida (nice and warm!) the person that he is staying with is going down there to see her previous dog that she raised, graduate with his partner. I sure hope Cobra makes it that far. Sometimes I wonder if they'll accept him because of his sniffing! :)

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