Thursday, May 17, 2007


Sorry its been so long but with graduation events and prep, it is far to hectic around here. Cobra is such a big boy now. He turned 1 on April 24 and I didn't realize it till later that night. Oops! His most recent, major adventure was going to a comedy presentation by Dennis Swanburg in a town close by us. He basically got comfortable and slept, typical for him.
I don't have a recent pic of him because I accidently deleted some pics I took of him. Oops again! Hopefully I will have pics of us at my graduation reception.


Runza said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!! I'm so excited to find another KSDS puppy raiser on here. I'm Lisa, I had a blog for Runza. I just turned him into KSDS on Friday, but I still plan on keeping up my blog - and then using it for the next puppy I get. Can I link to you??? Hope to hear more soon and meet you at PupsDaze!

Runza said...

Oh, and there is a place on the listserve to put a link. I have Runza's page on there too! There are a lot of puppy raisers on blogger and just more friends to be made!

Sarah said...

Yes you can. Hope to see you at Pupsdaze then!