Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Graduation

It was that time for me. My Graduation! I graduated from Forest City Christian School which is located in Forest City, Iowa, on May 20.
As you can tell by the picture Cobra was there to help me celebrate my special day. In fact, this very picture I put with my diploma so that I shall never forget Cobra (But how could I!)
At my reception I had more people asking about him than me, but that's ok, I enjoyed every minute of it. Sometimes its easy to forget why I'm doing this. I can really get caught up in the training part of it since I compete with my two other dogs.


Runza said...

Oh, that's a great picture!!! Did you take him to school with you? He has really grown. I haven't seen any of the snake litter (except Viper and he doesn't count since it was different parentage) since they were handed out! What a handsome boy!

Sarah said...

Yes, Cobra went, on average, about once a week to school. He did very well.

Erin & Rei said...

It is a good picture! I should have gotten on of me and Rei!