Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cannonball Day

So today, Cobra and I along with two of my nieces, attended Cannonball Day which is a fundraiser event to raise money to continue restoring this old 457 engine and building a depot style roof.

I also met Gary (the guy I mentioned in my earlier post) and his Leader Dog. My nieces were also interested in wondering if Cobra would get to wear a special harness like the guide dog. I told them we will have to see if he makes it as a guide dog first.
We also rode on this little train ride that they offered and all Cobra could think about was a way to get his Gentle Leader off, I'm sure. He does not like that thing, but it does help him to calm down.


Runza said...

Looks like a great experience. Especially the train ride. Was there booths for KSDS and Leader Dogs? Or did you just show up together?

Sarah said...

Leader Dogs had a booth, but I just showed up. It was kind of a last minute thing to go. Besides if KSDS had a booth, it wouldn't feel right competing with Leader Dogs.