Friday, June 22, 2007

Recruiting and the 457

Yesterday I met a lady who works at JCPenny's who was very interested in becoming a puppy raiser for KSDS after I gave her information and such on the process. No offense to those who raise Leader Dogs, but it will be nice to have another KSDS dog in North Iowa besides just Leader Dogs.
Tomorrow, I will be attending a local locomotive celebration ( ) and I will be again meeting a man who has a Leader Dog. The Lions Club will also be there promoting Leader Dogs with him. Let's hope my presence there with Cobra will show others that there are other Assistance Dog schools to consider. Leader Dogs are wonderful, but when you raise a pup for a different organization, you get a little biased on the subject. But in a good way!
Take Care Everyone!

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Runza said...

Oh good luck Sarah!!! You'll be a great example of the fabulous puppy raisers and pups KSDS has. I know there was another puppy raiser from Iowa that just got a spice pup. So, you are getting more up there! Thanks to people like you!!!