Monday, September 17, 2007

Feeling Better/ Names?

The kitten did make it through the night and is alot friskier today. She was struggling every time I bottle fed her (I kind of had to force milk down because she wouldn't get enough otherwise) and I have a scratch or two and it's just the first day!
It still is a bit touch and go because she won't eat or drink anything on her own, but she is going potty and trying to groom herself - all good things.
Lately I haven't been naming our cats because they just die anyway (wild animals, cars, cold, etc..) but I think she deserves a name. Any suggestions? Just drop me a comment. Not guaranteeing I'll like them, but its worth a try.


raiserally said...

We used to have a kitten when we were little that we named "Scrub-a-dub" because he looked like one of those iron wool scrub pads. lol. I don't have any ideas for you though, although I'm happy that she made it through the night! Can you e-mail me at Thank you Sarah!

Kimberly & Rufus said...

I don't have any name suggestions either, but I'm glad she's doing a bit better. :-)