Sunday, September 16, 2007

Apples, Trees, Scenery and a Sick Kitten

Today (yesterday rather, considering it is almost 12 a.m.) we just got back from a weekend camping trip to Wisconsin. It was extremely beautiful and in a couple weeks when the trees start changing colors it will be an even better sight to see!
We went to a county fair (I think that's number 5 for us this year, no joke!) that we saw advertised in a local town and it was pretty neat. Each fair has something interesting to offer and this one was spectacular. This was Cobra's first time around livestock (I never really had time to see the livestock barns at other fairs) and he did good, he did alot of air sniffing, but what do ya' expect? I also gave some KSDS info. to some future (let's hope!) puppy raisers!
We also went to 2 local apple orchards and Cobra loved the smell of peanuts and apples, at least that's what I could tell by him trying to eat them off the floor!
I got some cool snapshots of all three of my mutts on a lookout ledge (don't worry, it wasn't much of a ledge) Tara was awfully distracted by the squirrels even though you can't tell that by looking at the pictures. :)

On to other news, Today one of our baby kittens , whom I have gotten very close to, is ill. They are just outdoor farm cats, but when you see them, and yes, step over them everyday, they become family. This one looks as though one of our tom cats had gotten ahold of it. Its jaw doesn't look right and she's very skinny. I'm bottle feeding it and we are keeping it in the house. Keep in mind that she was fine just before we left for Wisconsin (Friday the 13th [scary!]) We also have two others in her litter that are unaccounted for. I hope they will show up here in the next day. I will keep you posted on her health. She may not even make it through another day.

Here is a picture to show you her mouth. The pic is a little blurry, but you can get the idea.


Maddie said...

i absolutely LOVE the pic of the 3 dogs on the ledge!

I hope the kitten feel better!

Kimberly & Rufus said...

Love the pictures of the dogs! Hope the kitten makes it... :-(