Saturday, October 27, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Oh my goodness gracious! I have been so busy that finding time to write on my blog was near impossible.
Work has been great, but the hours have got me down. Some days in the week I have to be at work at 7 and some nights I have to stay till close which is 8, but there are closing duties that you do after 8. Its alright except when you close and open the next can be a bit much.

Besides being busy at work, I've had lots of things happen over the week. One of my best friend's Dad died on Tuesday and I had to deal with that. I broke down at work, but kept it together all through the week until the funeral came. When they wheeled the casket down the aisle of the church was when I broke loose. My friend stayed remarkably in control, but a few times I saw her sobbing and I would really let loose.
I have known Keri since Kindergarten and have been good friends ever since. Her dad was always around and I always saw him. He was always just.........there. His health slowly started to fail over the past year and a half and the last week his health just went for a sky dive.

Okay....... tearing up again....enough about that.

Next weekend, Nov. 2 &3, I will be going to KSDS to attend a graduation. I don't know any of the dogs that are graduating, but I thought I would go because I have the time and the money now.

Also, KSDS just recently built a condo for the people who are getting a Service or Guide dog so they have some place a little bigger and better to stay in than a motel. On Nov. 3, right after the graduation, they will be having an open house and Ceremony (I think) and a lot of people are expected for that.

One more thing that I had go wrong was that our computer got a virus. A nasty one too. So what we had to do was swipe the whole computer clean (re set it back to factory mode) and start over. I really wasn't a big deal. We saved alot of the stuff on disc's and now we just have to re-install some major stuff, like my iTunes, our photo editing software, a few like that.

So that has been my life so far since I wrote last. I will hopefully get back on track to blogging!


Kimberly & Rufus said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's dad. Deaths are hard to take.

Good luck with work (sounds like they keep you super busy), and have a great time at the graduation next weekend. I'd be interested in pictures of the condo where students will be staying.

Megan & Sherman said...

Sorry about your friends dad. I was wondering where you had gone and glad that you are back now! Sounds like you have been super busy, but being busy is better than having nothing to do. :) I like being busy. Let us know how graduation goes I would love to learn how it works at KSDS. :)

Miriam said...

It's a SARAH!
Call me, we could chat, via the phone.