Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Couldn't Think of a Clever Title

Oh boy, do I have a lot of things planned for this week.

Today, I'm going to carve my pumpkin that I bought last night. After I carve it, then I'm going to clean the seeds and cook them. Roasted and salted pumpkin seeds are the best! Especially Homemade. I've tried some boughten ones, but nothing beats the taste and aroma of slow cooking Pumpkin seeds in your oven!

This Friday, I will be heading down to attend a KSDS graduation. The graduation is on Saturday, but with a 7 hour trip, I have to go down the night before. So because I want to get down there at a decent time, I'm leaving right when I get off work which is 11 a.m. I'm also going to use this time to ask my manager if I can take Cobra to work with me. I'm not going to leave him in the truck and I really don't want to go 20 minutes in the opposite direction to go back home to pick him up. So today when I go to work, and if he's working I think I'll spring it on him. Really this is a perfect time, because It's only going to be 4 hours and 1 of that hour will be spent before the doors open so really 3 hours. Hopefully he won't have a problem with it and he'll agree.
I'm in good favor with him, because I've brought him into work twice now when I shop off duty and he's made remarks about how well behaved he is :) :) :) Let's hope!

Then on Friday night when I'm in Kansas, Lisa (Her Runza is in formal training) and a few others, are going to Banner Park to play. Not us, the dogs! Well, maybe us a little too :)

Then on Saturday is the big day for Gradation. I think there is something like 3 guide dogs, 3 Service dogs, and 1 or 2 Social dogs are graduating.
They also will have an open house for the condo that they built. Now people who come to KSDS will have a better, bigger, and easier place to stay that some icky motel.

Well that's what I'm doing today. I'm going to do a little house cleaning too. Our tub and walls look like they need some scrubbing!


Emily, Ellis, and Angel said...

mmmmmm! Homemade pumpkin seeds... I roasted the ones out of my pumpkin last night... and they are all already in my stomach :) Good luck with bringing the boy to work... hope your boss agrees to it! Safe travels and have fun at graduation too!

Lisa in waiting... said...

WOW - that sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to see you again at graduation. Don't forget the kleenex! I'm so excited, because the dogs that are graduating are the first dogs I knew when they were with their puppy raisers. Others, I just knew of. Does that make sense. When are you getting to Washington?

Kimberly & Rufus said...

Oh, I hope your boss says yes to Cobra coming to work with you! Have a great time at the graduation.