Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Job and Cobra

Tonight, I laid on the BIG question to my boss.
All day, I noticed he was in a rather happy mood. He was making fun little jokes and such and just really in a good mood. I told him I sold some power plus warranties (Extra warranties sold by TSC that replaces [ $1- $399] or repairs [$400 and up] your item if it were to break) and that put him in an even better mood.
He then asked me if I wanted to work tomorrow, because that was my only day off this week and I said yes. I needed to be in his good graces when it came time to ask him.
So finally about 7:30, I told him all about Cobra and KSDS. I gave him a brochure, a credential letter written awhile back by Deb (puppy raiser coordinator) and a fun little card (I call them business cards :) telling people that I raise Cobra and a brief description about the school and what I do as a puppy raiser.
I also slightly mentioned that by Iowa law, they have the same rights as a fully trained assistance dog. I told him I wasn't going to push that though, just thought I'd mention it. (I would like to keep this job :)
Anywoo, he said as far as he is concerned, its a YES, but he wants to give Corporate a heads up so that when our district manager comes walking in, he won't be startled, confused, or even upset :)

But ya know, I'm still wondering if he thinks that I only meant for this upcoming Friday.............I'll have to pick his brain tomorrow and see if he understood me that I would like to bring him often, not just the one day.


FarmGirl4Jesus said...

Saaawweeeettt! :)

Lisa in waiting... said...

YAY! Good luck! I'm so excited for you! That will be awesome!

Kimberly & Rufus said...

Yay!!!! That will be great exposure for Cobra, and less stress on you. :-)

Megan & Sherman said...

WOOHOO!! Glad it worked out. Being able to take your pup to work makes things so much easier! And it will be really good socialization for him.