Monday, November 19, 2007

Introducing........A Kennel Makeover!!

No picture Cd yet.......still looking.

So two days ago, I worked until 3 and right after work I went home and started on a long overdue, kennel makeover. Tara and Annie's kennel (yes, they are outside. My parents only let me have Cobra in the house for obvious reasons :) Is no small one. Its an 8x20 ft. kennel thats homemade. We had alot of chainlink and frame so me and my dad just welded it all together.
Inside it has rock, because its easier to keep clean and in the spring, it isn't muddy so that helps keep them clean. For the doghouse, it's huge! This thing weighs about 600Lbs and looks and was built, like a real house! Anyway, that has been in the kennel for quite sometime and I wanted it outside of the kennel (put it up along the kennel and cut a hole in the chainlink) because it takes up a lot of space in the kennel.
Do you know what I did? Well I got our mower out, wrapped a chain around the bottom and pulled it out and around to the other side. Then I cut the hole in the chainlink fence and re-positioned it.
Then the "other" fun began. I had to clean the kennel (poop! :) and fluff up the rocks. Now as funny as that sounds, rocks can be fluffed up. Just like the road graders can do it, so can I. Anyway, after I did that, I took the shop vac and vacuumed the inside of the house thoroughly and took a thin rug and screwed it down to the floor. Then I put the two dog pillows in there that I bought. After I was done with that part, It was so cozy, I wanted to sleep in there! Tara loved it too, but then she has always been like that. Give her something soft and warm and she's content. Annie on the other hand couldn't care less about the house and just wanted to play. Geesh! I tell ya' Can't anyone appreciate a good dog house makeover! Well, I know Tara can!
Anyway, by this time it is pitch black out and snowing, but just like the good little worker that I am, I got out the tripod light, plugged it in and kept working!
There was some weeds and grass that crept up in the kennel that I worked on getting out. I pulled some tall grass and vine stuff too that was working its way up the chainlink.
After that, I decided to call it quits (never mind I couldn't feel my toes!) and head in.
I got a good start on it and what I eventually want to do it build a little two tier platform so Tara can lay on the bottom and Annie can lay on the top. (Annie likes to climb and such)

Today, I think I'll mow, do housework and wash Cobra (I forgot to do it that one day :)


FarmGirl4Jesus said...

It's SNOWING??? Cool, we've yet to see snow here.

Emily, Ellis, and Angel said...

You really MUST find that software so we can see the new super deluxe dog run! And Cobra of course too :) I wish I had a secure place I could leave my Maggie outside some days (she just loves to lay around watching everything), but I only have a tiny yard and she's a fence jumper :(

Kimberly & Rufus said...

Wow, you worked your tail off, didn't you?! I'm sure the dogs love it, well at least you know Tara does. If it was snowing, I woulda quit. I'm a wimp in the cold, that's why I live in FL. :-)