Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Going Places, Doing Things

This past weekend, My family and me, went up to Minnesota to spend the weekend helping my sister and brother-in-law Sheetrock their basement.
We went up on Friday and left Sunday afternoon. It was soo cold! I heard the reports on Saturday that with the wind chill, it was almost -30! Cobra had fun in the snow, as usual, and on Sunday morning, I took Cobra out to play with Libby, Molly, and Maggie. Molly and Maggie are my Sister's family's dogs, while Libby is the neighbors beautiful Golden Retriever. I suppose I should mention that this is out in the country. It might make more sense! So they all trailed behind me while I took the ATV out for a spin in the snow! Never mind the fact I almost ran over Cobra! He's so retarded when it comes to bigger, moving vehicles coming towards him. He also does that when my Dad's plowing out driveway. He'll just waltz on over like he rules the place and practically get run over and scare the socks right off of me! Anyway, I didn't ride it for to long, I mean come on, after 10 minutes I could barely feel my brain!
After we left, we swung on up to Owatonna, MN and went to Cabela's. I haven't been there in a while and boy has that place gotten bigger! They changed things around a bit and added new stuff. Cobra looked at the animals and did a bit of sniffing and looking around probably wondering what they're going to do, but after a while, I think he figured out that they were fake.
I bought this really cool Mossy Oak shirt (for those of you that don't know, Mossy oak is a major brand in hunting camouflage, gear and equipment) that's brown with pink Mossy Oak label on the front and back.
We went home and then on Monday, my mom and I did some more shopping and we went to eat at Applebee's. I just love their banana-berry smoothies. They are just fantastic!
Not so lucky though was the floor. It had alot of crumbs and Cobra was, at first, doing alot of sniffing, but then after a few corrections he just looked around at the people.
Oh! and then at Wal-Mart, I got stopped by 4 people asking to pet Cobra. No, they actually called him by name! I didn't know these people, so my only guess is that they remembered his name from the newspaper article that we were featured in, awhile back. It was pretty non-eventful other than that.
well, got to get to cleaning this house, and deciding what I'm going to make for supper.....Hmm......maybe peas and tuna over toast. Haven't had that in a while. It's good, people, it really is! *Can hear the moans and groans (not peas!)*


Emily and Suede said...

Glad Cobra is being a good boy. Cabela's is a great store! How old is Cobra now?


He is almost 22 months now.

Kimberly & Rufus said...

It's not the peas that I'm groaning at, it's the tuna. *shudder*

FarmGirl4Jesus said...

No wonder I haven't visited you yet- I would starve! ;)

Erin & Midnight said...

*gagging noises* Too each his own I say! LOLOLOLOL!!!

Lisa & Runza said...

ha ha ha - sounds like you had a fun time in MN and at Cabela's.

p.s. I'll be taking Cinnamon with me to the TSC here! Now that Nutmeg's gone. We plan on going in a few weeks to see if Cinnamon got Ringworm. If he's clear - were on our way.