Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Puppy Raiser?

I love the fact that I can bring Cobra to work with me. It's soo much fun and everyone just loves him!
My Assistant Manager, Emerald, has been helping me teach him distractions. She actually used to train police dogs for local law enforcement agencies and for protection, so she's in "our world"
We'll be walking by her and she'll grab his tail and walk behind us and Cobra needs to learn to leave it. He's working on it, and another one that we've started today was she will call him, but he can't get up from his position until I say. That really bugged me today, because a gentleman, an older one so he should've known better, called him from around the corner, and I was in the middle of a sale so I could barely stop him, but did. I told the guy that he can't get up until I release him, or say it's okay, and that just went right over the guys head.
Soooooo, that's why I want to work on it and that's a really hard one for dogs, I know. Someone calling them, wanting to give them love and they have to sit there! Every time Emerald called him, he really wanted to go see her, but I corrected him each time and after awhile he focused, so it's just a matter or learning. Oh, I almost forgot, she'll sit on the floor and act really happy and we'll walk back and forth until he shows signs that he's ignoring it. I tell ya, it sure is hard for him!
On one of our many training adventures, I told her that she should do this and wouldn't ya know, she said she was very interested and didn't even know programs like this existed until she saw Cobra. So I gave her all the info and she's going to check it out. Yeah, she already knows some of his commands, like if she's on register 1 and I'm on 2, he'll want to sniff her boots so she'll say "no sniff" and he looks at her like, "how do you know that one!?" So yeah, am excited about that and she's got the know how, which does help.
time to hit the hay, but soon, I'll put up some pics and vids, haven't done that in a while :(


Lisa & Runza said...

WOW - that's awesome to have help like that at work. And, you've got the one up with someone who already knows what they are doing. That stay till you release is oh so helpful. One time, at work I was working in my cube and my back was to the door, so I could never see when anyone came in our room. Well, I used to keep Runza tied to my chair, but our computer chairs have wheels on them. I happened to be on the phone and so also didn't hear this tour come in. Next think I know they are calling Runza. (Of course, he's young enough we were really working on recall, but big enough to really, well, read on) I didn't even know they were calling him till I was flying backwards as Runza was "coming" to them!!! Luckily, my phone has a LONG cord. After that, I made sure not only that everyone knew that was NOT COOL! But also, that he had to learn to stay put until I released him. :) It definitely comes in handy! he he he

Kimberly & Rufus said...

Oh I hope she signs up to raise a pup.

Our CCI friends catch Rufus hoovering in restaurants, and will tell him to leave it, then tell me what he was doing. He always acts peeved at them, LOL. He can be so sneaky about that.

FarmGirl4Jesus said...

Sounds like it's going great! :)