Saturday, February 16, 2008

Birthday Party

Today was my niece's birthday party at a place that is kind of like a small town version of chuck-e-cheese's. It is actually a memoriam to the owners son who died of cancer. His name was cody so the place is known as Cody Bears Cave. I got her a bunch of High School Musical stuff because that's like her all time favorite movie, I guess. I thought the second one they made was dumb, but who am I to say anything about it :)
Cobra came with me and when i got there, this guy comes walking up to me telling me that i'm such a good person for doing all this ( I of course let it soak in...................:) and then the owner of the place comes walking out and him and her talk a bit. It was soo funny because heres this guy telling this woman that I can go anywhere with him when he has this cape on! I just stood there and didn't say anything. It was soo funny! I didn't need to. She wasn't too discusted, but you could tell that she wasn't too keen on the idea of him being there. Which, you kind of relate, because if he were to bite or anything, they could quite possibly loose the place. Anyway, water under the bridge now.
Tonight, I was going to go see Jumper with some friends, but they are either working or out of town. So all I've been doing really is talking to Lisa about non other than the topic of...............puppy raising!! Today I've also talked to Jenna, another KSDS puppy raiser and I talked to Erin a bit all on Yahoo messenger also. I'm just a chatty person, I guess!
I'm also making another supernatural fan video. I'm getting better and better as I learn about the various editing options and techniques.
Tomorrow is the Daytona 500 and I will be glued to the chair (except during commercials :) all day! GO DALE JARRETT, GO!!!!!

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Lisa & Runza said...

You ARE chatty! But, I love it!

How long did you get your puppy report to be? Have you beaten my 10 yet? Maybe that should be a prize at PupsDaze, Who has written the longest, rambling puppy report!? I bet Miriam can beat me. I'll just have to try harder with my next one. ha ha. A weekend with me and Cobra could get a LONG report! :) All excellent of course.

Ahhhh, Daytona.