Thursday, April 03, 2008

Q Time!! Thanks to Erin :)

So on Erin's blog, she wrote down a list of questions pertaining to puppyraising and I thought I'd do what she says :) and do it too.....

1. How many puppies have you raised?
Just one, but he is soon to go into formal training and then I'll be back on the list for another
2. Why did you start raising?
Well, I had a fellow dog trainer raise from Leader Dogs and thought that would be cool
sometime to do, so after I got Annie who is now 3, I though it would be nice to have a puppy
again, but not to keep, so I looked into the different schools and went with KSDS
3. How long have you been a puppy raiser?
I submitted my application in August of 2005 and got a call in November wondering if I'd
want a pup, but declined because spring would be the best time. So I waited and finally got a
call to pick up Cobra on July 14, 2006 so almost 2 years.
4. What is one thing you have learned in raising?
the most common thing is that people with all types of disabilities are people, not objects that
are troublesome! I, as with everyone else I'm sure, grew up to kind of feel sorry for those
people, but hey! why? heck they are usually smarter, have college degrees, and are far more
"up" in the world than I ever will be! You guys are awesome! and I'm glad to have you as
5. What have your puppies taught you?
I am really not a people person and usually don't like to draw attention to myself, so
HELLO!?! I had to totally put myself on the spotlight wherever I went because I had a dog
with me! Cobra taught me to be more outgoing and have more confidence in things.
6. What is the strangest thing someone has asked/said to you about your puppy?
"Is that your guard dog?" or "Is that a black lab?" hello?! what else would it be? I think its
just a weird thing to ask. Also since I work at TSC people ask if its the store mascot.!
7. Do you give your puppies real name out in public?
Yes, not sure why that would be a problem, but I know some schools are concerned about
8 What is the most embarrasing incident you've had with your puppy?
Golly! I can tell you right off the bat that it's his gas!! Oh my goodness! it is so pungent, it could
kill!!! So when we're in stores, oh my thats bad, and yes I do recall when it happened at a
primary and there was about 50 or so people and it was all quiet and he just let it rip!
Everyone was like, "who did THAT?!" I escorted him out of there and of course the only way
out was to go way to the front of the room and through the doors...........ah the joys......
9. What is the most proud moment you've had with your puppy?
When people comment on the fact that he is so well behaved and that we are helping someone.
It makes your heart all warm and fuzzy inside :)
10. What advice do you have for newbie puppy raisers/owners?
Just that puppyraising is literally a life changing experience! It alerts you to the fact that
some people need help more help than others and it doesn't make them any less a person, so
by doing that, raising a puppy is so darn addictive! It allows me to think I can take on the
world, one puppy at a time! If you are just starting out, I can tell you right now, you ain't
never going to stop! Puppy raising will forever be a part of your life from the minute you pick
up your puppy. Cherish the time you have because their future is so great, that its hard to
even imagine.


Erin & Midnight said...

Awesome! I love your answer to the newbie raiser question! Right on!! And I've had the Guard Dog question too! how weird!?!

Anna and Lawrence said...

Ha ha! I love your most embarassing moment--I've actually never had a puppy with gas. Weird, huh!?!?

Lisa & Runza said...

Ah, stop that - you are making me cry! ahhh. Love your answers! :)

Kimberly & Rufus said...

I've had the guard dog question, too, and since it is usually elderly folks who ask, I assume they've met someone with a working dog or pup in training before and just misheard what they said. and Rufus made me crawl out of my shell, too. :-)