Friday, April 04, 2008

Random Things

So I thought I would be random and kind of let everyone know about upcoming things and such. This will be a random post of randomness! ha! Anyway, so tomorrow I only have to work 7-12 which allows me to finish up repairing and painting my agility equipment. I sanded down the dog walk and teeter, I threw away the old A-frame and built a new one, that now just needs to have the hinges screwed on. I've been working on that stuff at night after work, because I usually don't have time during the day, but this weekend, I'll be finishing it all up and hopefully practicing on Sunday! I'll need to repaint it also before then.
Now I compete in NADAC agility and the specs for colors, for the contacts (A-frame, teeter, dogwalk), are that the base, "contact", needs to be yellow, and then the upper part can be any solid color you choose. well I had gone with the basic blue, but since I sanded everything down, and built new equipment, I decided to go with purple as the main color! So after I get it all done and painted, i'll take pics.

I also made an appointment today for Tara to be completely shaved down on the 16th. I thought about it several years ago, but was too chicken, so I'm doing it this year. I know some breeds do it every spring, so, why not? I needed to do it before it got hot though, because silly as it sounds, they can have heatstroke, if I do it in the summer, if kind of messes up their cooling system.
Anyway, so it will be interesting to see how she looks!

And then I just received word from Mamba's (Cobra's brother) raiser that she want to have a bit of a "going of to college" party for mamba (and I suppose Cobra! he he!) but we'll have to see if I can attend. would love to but that would mean 4 weeks in a row of travel time and thats puts a strain on the budget.

April 26th - I attend KSDS spring graduation and also return Cobra :(
May 3rd weekend - I'll be in Des Moines to attend an agility trial
May 10th weekend - I'll be at another agility trial, this time in Lawrence, KS

Hmm, lets that it?
I think so............ till next time everyone!


Joanna and Camry said...

Every once in a while my family shaves our australian shepherd during the summer. She comes home looking TINY!!!! but sooo much happier without all that extra fur!! You'll have to post pictures of Tara once she's shaved! :)

Kimberly & Rufus said...

can't wait to see pictures of your new agility equipment and of Tara once she's shaved. My mom does that to her Husky and she always looks funny.

We are going to be traveling almost every weekend in May, so I hear you about the travel expenses!

Lisa & Runza said...

WOW - I'll see Sarah 3 weekends in a row! I'm looking forward to it. Wish I could go to Mamba and Cobra's College send-off party!

Kelsey and Spike said...

Ahh I hope you get to go to Mamba's going away party! That would be fun to have a joint goodbye party. :)

Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

Can't wait to see the newly painted equipment! The one and only trial Maggie and I did was NADAC (since she is a mutt...). It was sort of a nightmare actually, but there was one vaguely entertaining moment when she got about 3/4 of the way up the A-frame and then slid all the way to the bottom and landed in a heap. At that point I thanked the judge and made our exit (she had already had a refusal on the teeter and missed a jump). We had never done a frame that didn't have the traction slats before! I didn't realize that there would be differences in the equipment from our practice stuff which I understand now was AKC.

TSE Puppyraiser said...

I think it's so awesome that you pretty much make your own agility equipment! I'd love to do agility with my lab. I hope you enjoy your last few weeks with your handsome boy. :-)

Would you mind if I linked to you? Hi, I'm MK and I raise for The Seeing Eye. I'm on puppy #3 a mGSD named Caesar who's 6 months old tomorrow. :-) If you'd like to read my blog (it's private), I can add you no problem, just drop me your e-mail addy at dazzlingstar at gmail dot com.