Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween Fun

It's been pretty busy for me this past week, so my update has been a bit late :(
I'll start with Halloween day. Our local school had a Halloween parade in the gym. Basically, all the kids who were dressed up, got to show off their costume. It was pretty cute! Mosier and I went along with KSDS Service dog trainer, CEO, and two other apprentices. Mosier got dressed up for the occasion, of course! :) I had him wear Cobra's old costume, a court jester. I also have pics on my Greyhound blog of Sammy wearing it. He was, of course, a main attraction and looked so handsome too! He did very well with all of the kids and I know for a fact that lots of excited kids in all sorts of costumes couldn't bother him in the least :)

That night, he did very good too. I had Scary music blaring out an open window and he didn't mind and he tried to "assist" me with handing out candy. I told him that that's okay, I could do it by myself :) He wore his jester outfit for a little while, then I took it off of him and Sammy wore it for awhile. Tara and Annie were in there crates in the backroom, just because all the kids and noises and stuff would just stress them out way too much and in turn stressing me out; that wouldn't be a fun Halloween for anyone :(

I cooked yummy pumpkin seeds that night too. That's kind of a tradition my family does either on Halloween night or a night or two before.

I have some pics of Cobra's graduation, so I'll post those soon too!


Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah! I can't tell you how proud I am of you! :) Thanks. :)

Lisa and Ellie said...

Yay - a much needed update! :)

Being the center of attention is what Mosier likes best! :)

Madison and Andros said...

Sounds like fun!!!!

Kelsey, Spike, Burgess, and Tahoe said...

Yay for updates!! I can't wait see pictures from Cobra's grad. :)