Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Early?

You'll never guess what I found at my doorstep the other day. I come home from work and see this big box, naturally I think that it's the present I got for my dad that I ordered online, but wonder why it's in such a big box.
I take it inside and check out the return address - Des Moines, Iowa. Not sure who would be sending me something from there, so I open it. Inside are two wrapped gifts and two cards and do you know who they are from? Cobra's partner, Beth!
I was so excited, the only drawback.............It was written on the packages saying that I had to wait until Christmas to open it. Do you know how long away that is?! the suspense is killing me! I had to put it away in my closet, deep within so maybe I can forget about it until Christmas. Like that's happening :)

Kansas was all interested in the packages too! He might want to help me unwrap them later ;)


Lisa and Ellie said...

NO FAIR!!!! I HATE HAVING TO WAIT! You better share what they are after Christmas. I'm Dying To Know!

How cool she sent you a gift. That's so nice.

The Brax Blog said...

Cute picture. I bet you want to open it!
I would be dying to open it to!!
Only a couple more days...

Frankie's trainer

Kimberly and Rufus said...

It's so hard to wait when gifts come early, isn't it?! I have some here, too, and I really want to tear into them.