Thursday, December 18, 2008

Outings Among Other Things

So now I get to write a post about all the other stuff that Mosier and I did.
First off, Mosier got to see three movies in a period of about 5 days. Crazy, I know. We saw Madagascar 2 and he did okay with that. He was more interested in looking around and sniffing that falling asleep. Oh well. For the second movie, Quantum of Solace, He did a bit better. He settled down towards the end and actually might have had a quick cat nap. For the third movie, 4 Christmases, He was also calmer and layed down. He was interested in sniffing, but I guess I can blame all of that on an age thing I guess :)

We also attended 2 Christmas programs. I had two nieces who had them scheduled while I was up there. The first one we went to was awful!! I'm not talking about the performance or anything, but the seating!! Oh my gosh! I brought Mosier thinking that we would be in chairs or something. NO!!! we were in these weird bleachers with no room to your name! It was crazy! If you look at the pic below, the blue shirt to the left is actually someones back! No, I'm not joking. You either had to sit sideways or chop off your knees. I was tempted to do the latter! :) Thankfully that one was only 20 minutes and Mosier did good! He wanted to get up a few times, but only because he was so squished in there and needed to get comfortable.

The second program was good! It was a church one so we sat in pews. Thank goodness!
Mosier basically fell asleep. The attending audience stood occasionally to sing along to some carols, but Mosier stayed in a nice down stay and didn't break once!

Sammy and Mosier and I also spent a few nights at my brother and his family's house. They have Jasmine, shich is sister to my Tara. If you look to the right sidebar at Tara, you'll see that her and Jasmine look nothing alike. At least not to me anyway.

They also just adopted a 5 year old Guinea Pig named Squeakers :) Mosier was very curious about that. Sammy didn't mind it too much and in fact, almost was scared of it. I got Squeakers out to clip his nails and instead of Mosier being interested, he goes over to the cage, grabs a stick that was in Squeaker's cage and starts chewing on it. What a silly boy.

I should mention that while I was up in Iowa, my transmission went out on my Blazer. So I had to stay behind a few more days and use one of my parents trucks. I leave and get about an hour south and what should happen? You'll never guess. THAT transmission goes out! Luckily it only started so I was able to still drive it back to my parents house. I then have to resort to plan C which is using my parents work truck that's a diesel. I did get home safely and will be heading back up there early next week for Christmas to swap out their truck for my fixed Blazer.
Isn't life a hoot?


Natalie said...

Oh wow that's crazy! Glad everything went relatively well and you got home safely!

Erin,Bubbles and Texas said...

Fun Fun Times :D! What a good boy Moiser is!!