Sunday, December 14, 2008

*WARNING* Lots of Pictures!!

Alright, so.......I only have the normal excuse for not updating any sooner with pics. Just that I've been busy and tired (Had a horrible cold) and sometimes you have to prioritize, ya know?

Anywho, I have lots, I mean lots of that afternoon when all the dogs got out in the snow to play.

If you think about it, It was Mosier's second, first snow :) He was a puppy when he experienced snow so he probably thought it was a puppy thing :) He just loved it!! He would roll around, dig in it then try and bury himself in it. It was the oddest thing, but really cute.

Chase and Mosier got along well. For those of you that don't know, Chase is a retired breeder for KSDS adopted by my parents. Karen, Chase is the daddy of Watkins :)

Chase acts just like a puppy, so Mosier got along great with him and Sammy really enjoyed chases company too! I was a bit disappointed in myself that I forgot to bring Sammy's coat. The poor guy could never stay out too long or he'd freeze!

Cobra played with the same ball :) but he got bored with it, unlike Mosier

Oops! There goes Chase, scooting by

Chase and Annie staring at something

He he! Watch out! Here comes Super Mosier to the rescue!

Here he's checking out the chicken pen. They weren't to fond of him so they went inside.

A great game of tag :)

I love this pic! He looks like a leapin' fairy dog

A case of the zoomies.

Chase, or as I call him, Chasers


Lisa and Ellie said...

Wow - you're alive. I thought maybe you had been overwhelmed with snow and the doggies couldn't dig you out or something. Looks like fun.

Erin,Bubbles and Texas said...

AAAh Snoooowww!!! The dogs look like they had a blast, although I'm sure Texas and Bubbles would have been opting to go the Sammy route! I miss my retrievers :(

4 Wheeling Princess said...

How cool. I was wanting to know Watty's parent's names. Give Chasers some love from me and Watty. By the way what is Watty's mom's name?

Megan, Fullerton and Spanky said...

Looks like everyone had a good time. I love those romping pups. :)

Madison and Andros said...

Looks like fun!!!! That is a lot of photos!