Sunday, May 17, 2009


Today I thought was a good day to spend outside with the dogs. I loaded them up in the car and thought I'd take them to our local county state park that has a little lake. They enjoyed it soo much! I was extremely muddy, but I don't think that stopped them :)
I wasn't sure how JD would like the water since this is the first time, since I bought him, that he's been in the water. HE loved it! He leaps and bounds when he hits the water's edge and it's the funniest thing, he will actually entertain himself by swimming back and forth out aways! I got such a kick out of his antics!
Annie, as I said before, is scared to go deeper that her legs so having JD there, helped her to be braver and there were a few times where she started to go get the stick, trying to beat JD to it.
Tara loves to swim and get things but being the Alpha, she let everyone know that she wasn't going to get the stick unless everyone sat on the edge and watched......yeah, that didn't happen, so she played along the edge.
Sammy probably has never been in a lake so he didn't know what to think. He much preferred to stay up on the bank and watch or go snooping around the grass
After everyone was done, I let them dry off outside while I tanned on a nearby picnic table. I don't think it did too much good, can't really tell :)

I love this one! Leave it to her to pee.......actually, I think it's the other......right when I'm taking a picture! :)

Love this pic! Both of them are bounding toward that stick. Yep, having JD there has helped Annie alot!


Lisa and Ellie said...

I love that you love having a picture of her peeing/pooing and posted it! That's hilarious!

Ellie learned to swim this week! I wish I'd had my camera - maybe I'll take it tomorrow!

Coreena and Evett said...

#2-TBD!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!